5 Kitchen Styles to Add Flavor to Your Home Renovation

5 Kitchen Styles to Add Flavor to Your Home Renovation

A kitchen is for more than making tasty meals. It’s where loved ones cook up some of life’s most unforgettable memories. Our Coastal Creek Design team understands that “getting it right” is essential when renovating this important room. You can read about our latest kitchen transformation in January’s 2023 Charleston Home and Design Winter Edition. 

With so many ways to spice up your culinary space, we’ve compiled five kitchen styles that may be just the right flavor for your renovation project.

The Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are clean and sleek, offering more minimalist features than the traditional kitchen but warmer and more inviting than a modern or industrial-style space. Elements of this style are often understated, using flat-front cabinetry and appliances that blend in with the rest of the space. Colors palettes of these spaces are often neutral (blacks, whites, beiges) with complementary pops of color accenting via hardware, backsplashes, etc.

The Mediterranean Kitchen

The Mediterranean kitchen is bright and relaxing. Color is a prominent feature of this space, with bold blues, greens and even reds accenting the natural guess of beautiful hardwood cabinetry, terracotta or stone floors, tiled walls and marble countertops. Hardwood furniture is common as well, and homeowners may choose to leave it in its unfinished state to add a more natural look and feel to the space.

The Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens promote a down-to-earth yet elegant environment that welcomes all guests to a seat at the table. Dining and seating are often constructed from “high-quality” woods, such as maple, pine, oak or cherry, with long “farm tables” acting as a centerpiece. Patterned fabrics (placemats, curtains, etc.) accent the Farmhouse kitchen.

The Tuscan Kitchen

Bring home the rustic Italian countryside with a Tuscan kitchen. This style utilizes warm golds and yellows built upon an earthy palette. Tuscan kitchens are often styled around rustic features such as rich wood cabinetry, stone and mosaic backsplashes and tile floors. If you’re feeling brave, try adding bright reds to your designs with a carpet or art to compliment the space. 

The Coastal Kitchen

If a seaside paradise is your goal, you’ll likely be interested in a Coastal kitchen. This breezy style emulates the beauty of the coast with lots of white space (often achieved through cabinetry, walls and counter space) paired with soft, nautical blues, greens and yellows. Building contrast with wicker furniture or reclaimed wood can add a warm touch. Incorporate foliage into the space for some added color

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