The Great Outdoor Living Spaces: Decks, Pools and Porches

The Great Outdoor Living Spaces: Decks, Pools and Porches

Your home is your happy place. From the cozy breakfast nook to the welcoming living room, each space holds the potential to bring you unique joy (and function, too)! But why stop with the interior? Elevated outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. After all, when you’re surrounded by beauty, like in the Palmetto State, decks, pools and porches are the perfect way to extend your home’s comfort into the fresh air and sunshine. 

Decks: A Versatile Outdoor Environment

Decks are a wonderful addition to any home, providing ample space for entertainment, relaxation and outdoor dining. These flexible outdoor features are typically constructed of wood or composite materials and can be customized to suit any architectural style, landscaping and budget.

When designing a deck, it is important to consider the location, orientation and size. Building materials for coastal homes should be chosen with care, preferencing those that can withstand saltwater, high humidity and strong winds.

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Pools: A Personal At-Home Oasis

Not interested in the fuss of packing for the beach? A custom residential pool creates a perfect oasis in your backyard. These luxurious features can add a resort-like atmosphere to any home while providing a convenient way to stay cool during hot summer days. Pools are also an equally excellent source of exercise and relaxation. 

While aesthetics are highly important,  safety and maintenance should remain top of mind in your pool design. Fencing, safety covers and pool alarms can all help to keep children and pets safe. Meanwhile, features such as automatic pool cleaners and filtration systems will play a major role in keeping your swimming space pristine.

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Porches: A Staple Feature of Southern Living 

Close your eyes. Can you feel the breeze gently blowing through your hair? Can you hear the marsh birds whistle in the sunset? Paradise is waiting just outside on the porch. Porches are a great way to extend your living space outdoors while providing protection from the elements and, more importantly, pest and insects when screened. 

When designing a porch, it is important to consider the location and orientation carefully. The size should also be chosen to suit the intended use. Porches can be constructed of wood, composite materials or masonry, depending on the desired look and the budget.

Coastal Creek Design Unlocks Your Home’s Potential

Whether you’re building your dream house or improving upon it, Coastal Creek Design helps unlock your home’s full potential.  Our highly-trained design team is trusted in the community to deliver breathtaking residential spaces. Using our skills and trusted network of local partners, we collaborate with you, the homeowner, to create a functional yet beautiful living space that will provide endless joy and comfort while also adding to your home’s value if/when it comes to sell. Contact us today to speak with our team!

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