5 Home Design Trends to Watch in 2023

5 home design trends to watch in 2023

One of the greatest parts of home ownership is the freedom to personalize your space. Unlike rentals, your home is your canvas – primed and ready for unrestricted creativity and imagination. Heading into the new year, we’re looking forward to new and exciting renovation and design trends that will be sweeping kitchens, bedrooms, offices and more. Here are a few to help you make your home your own in 2023.

(More) Home Offices 

Though in-office days have returned, it’s clear that work-from-home and hybrid models are here to stay. In 2023, home office renovation and addition projects will continue to grow. Stay-at-home employees can enhance aesthetics with natural lighting and video call-friendly art. Work environment functionality can also be increased with energizing colors and built-in storage. 

Natural Materials and Elements

Nothing brings peace to the soul like the wonders of nature. In 2023, industry experts predict a rise of “earthy” scapes in home design. This is achieved through organic materials, such as bamboo, stone, clay and wood, which allow homeowners to introduce nature’s warmth and beauty into living environments. These naturally pleasing designs create the perfect setting for relaxation and meditation. 

Multifunctional Rooms

Our home is our sanctum! In our years of exceptional additions and renovations, we’ve learned you cannot underestimate the power of a thoughtfully designed space. Multifunctional rooms are a perfect way to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the home. These rooms help increase the feel of the space regardless of square footage.

Multipurpose rooms serve combined functions, so choosing complementary uses is key. For example, cooking and dining are closely linked. Therefore a multipurpose kitchen/dining room may make sense.

Curved and Rounded Features

Home renovation projects will be more well-rounded in the new year, and we mean this literally. From windows and entryways to stairwells and beyond, design trends are moving away from hard edges. Homes are softening their look with more curved features. You may also find this reflected in furniture in the coming months.

Functional Mudrooms

While bringing the outdoors in is a foreseeable trend, you can have too much of a good thing. Mudrooms are a desirable transitional space offering anyone entering your home a place to freshen up from their time outdoors. These are often multipurpose spaces utilized as laundry rooms, storage rooms and gateways to your home. Incorporating a functional mudroom into your renovation can do wonders to preserve your interior’s beauty.

Your dreams are our blueprint!

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