Architectural Project Manager

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Jessica graduated from CEUNSP college in Brazil with a degree in Architecture in 2015. She has many years of experience managing both the construction and the design sides of residential architectural projects and budgets.

During her time in Brazil, Jessica worked for a team that franchised companies such as Gelato Parmalat and Cristallo Café. They were responsible not only for developing each of the store’s branding but also for creating the catalog of architectural specifications, including all interior design, colors, patterns and marketing for the spaces. During that time, Jessica continued to work on residential projects, custom furniture design and renovation project management. She also co-participated in designing an architectural exposition in Sorocaba City — “Mostra Open House.”

In 2017, Jessica decided to move to the U.S., participating in the Au Pair Exchange Program to provide excellent care for children and bring a unique cultural experience to American families. Jessica joined the Dream Team of Seacoast Church as a volunteer and, shortly after, became the Translation Team coordinator, which provides support and training for leaders of the four languages represented on the team. She also provided administrative support and weekly planning, as well as organized and executed special events. Jessica continues to be a very active volunteer at Seacoast Church.

Jessica worked on residential design projects for close friends until 2020, when she started supervising renovation construction and ultimately joined the Coastal Creek team. We are pleased to have Jessica’s unique perspective and diverse background to help guide our clients.

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